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Course Fees

  • Diploma in Hotel Management Course. Total Course Fees=65,000/=  (Sixty Five Thousand Taka)**1 Year Course
  • Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management Course. Total Course  Fees =1,20,000/=(One Lac Twenty Thousand Taka)**2 Years Course
  • Higher Diploma in Hotel,Tourism & Hospitality Administration Course. Total  Course Fees =1,60,000/=(One Lac Sixty Thousand Taka Only)**3 Years Course
  • Diploma in Professional Chef Course. Total Course Fees =70000/=(Seventy Thousand Taka Only) **1 Year Course
  • Food Preparation & Culinary Arts (City& Guilds Course). Total Course Fees =75000/=(Seventy Five Thousand Taka Only)**1 Year Course
  • Food&Beverage Production(Chef)and Bakery Course. Total  Course Fees =35000/=(Thirty Five Thousand Taka)**6 Months Course
  •  Food & Beverage Production (Cooking/Chef Course). Total Course Fees =30000/=(Thirty Thousand)for 4 months course & =35000/=(Thirty Five Thousand Taka) for 6 months course
  • Food& Beverage Service Course. Total Course Fees =25000/=(Twenty Five Thousand Taka)for 4 months course & =30000/=(Thirty Thousand Taka)for 6 months course
  • Bakery & Pastry Course. Total Course Fees =10000/= (Ten Thousand taka) for 1 month course 
  • Travel Agency, E-Ticketing & Tour Operations Course. Total Course Fees=25000/=(Twenty Five Thousand Taka)**4 Months Course
  • Front Office & Secretarial Operation course. Total Course fees=20,000/=(Twenty Thousand Taka)**3 Months Course
  • Housekeeping & Laundry Course. Total Course fees=20000/=(Twenty Thousand Taka)**3 Months Course
  • Spoken English Course.Total Course fees=6000/=(SixThousand Taka)**2 Months Course
  • Computer Basic Course.Total Course fees=6000/=(Six Thousand taka)**2 Months Course



***If a student pays total fees at a time he will get 10% discount for it. Students can also pay course fees by monthly installment. Monthly installment is =5000/=.(must be paid within first week of each month). Admission fees for the Diploma courses are =20000/= and for the Certificate courses are =8000/=. Admission fees will be deducted/minus from the total course fees.


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