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Duration : 1 Year

Course Fee : 1,60,000tk

Enabling Objectives: The trainee will able to:

  • To provide the graduates with an education and training which will ensure that the have knowledge and technical skills necessary to follow a career in a supervisory capacity (catering and accommodation) industry, in Bangladesh or overseas.
  • To provide the product and operational knowledge that is essential to a supervisor within the catering and accommodation industries.
  • Know how to supervise staff.
  • Build self-confidence and have self-reliance.
  • Develop skills in interacting effectively with customers.
  • Acquire knowledge of products.
  • Acquire knowledge of hotel operation.
  • To equip the students in identifying specific problem and always provide solutions.
  • To encourage initiative and self reliance in student development.
  • To appreciate the financial implications of any operation undertaken.
  • Learn how to plan, organize and control within the hotel and catering industry.
  • Understand the financial operation of an organization
  • To provide the basic framework and knowledge which will enable the graduate to cope with changes as occur within the industry in the future.
  • To equip the students with the skills necessary for planning, organizing and controlling within the catering and accommodation industry.
  • Be capable of performing effectively in supervisory roles within hotel and catering industry.
  • Have the supervisory and social skills to supervise staff and deal with all customer relations.
  • Have product and operational knowledge necessary 
    1. To establish and maintain standards of quality
    2. To optimized the use or resources within the constraints/policies of quality and costs.
  • Have skills to attend to all business aspects of the enterprise/organization.
  • Have the skills and confidence to become self employed entrepreneurs after suitable job experience, if so wished.
  • Have initiative, self reliance and an adaptable approach to new problems or ideas.
  • Know how to establish and maintain standard of quality.
  • Learn how to optimize the use of resources.
  • Acquire skills to become self-employed, if necessary have imitative.
  • Identify problems and solve them independently.