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Bakery & Pastry Production

Bakery & Pastry Production

Duration : 2/1 Months

Course Fee : 30,000Tk/20,000Tk

Outcomes and Objectives:

Students will

1. Be introduced to the following: commercial baking equipment, quantity baking and specialty ingredients, breads, laminated dough’s, quick breads, cakes, creams & mousses, meringue, dessert buffet, custards, dessert soufflés, dessert sauces, frozen desserts, plated desserts, confections, candy and sugar work, chocolate desserts and candies, holiday desserts.
2. Prepare the above listed baking and pastry items for various foods production events.
3. Plating and presentation will be emphasized in baking productions.
4. Be introduced to careers in the culinary and hospitality fields through research, visits from professional chefs and other food professionals, job shadowing, internships and field trips.
5. The student will learn about the history and background of international desserts and baked foods.