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 1. How many times do students enroll for Higher Diploma / Diploma / Certificate course in a year? 

4/6 times in a year. 

2. What are the class hours and how many days per week? 
2 hours per day and 3 days per week.
3. Do you arrange hostel facilities for students both boys and girls? 
YES, we do arrange Hostel facility for students both boys & girls.
4. Can students pay course fees by monthly installment basis? 
Yes it is allowed  for the Certificate/ Diploma and Higher Diploma students 
5. Do students have to attend all the classes? 
The students have to attend at least 80 % classes.
6. What do student do if they have a complaint about the institute? 
Student can talk with management and they will take action. 
7. Does the institute have a placement cell for arranging job? 
Yes, we help our students for better placement. 
8. After SSC can students get admit in your institute for a diploma course? 
YES, they can. 
9. What about the practical facilities of the institute? 
We have the International standard Kitchen Lab.
Modern& well decorated Restaurant with Bar.
Five star standard Housekeeping Lab
Computer Lab &  Language Club
Rich subject wise Library 
Plenty of theory class room 
11. Is Industrial Attachment is guaranteed? If yes, where it would be? 
Successful students will get the opportunity of Industrial Attachment in any standard Hotels/Restaurants, Airlines, Tourism organizations and Travel Agencies. 
12. Is there any age bar for admissions in your institute? 
No. there is no age limit for admission in this Institute. 
13. Is the Institute approved by Government of Bangladesh?
Yes, it is approved by Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB). Code No 50495.
14. Is this institute a Registered Training Organization (RTO) of BTEB?
Yes, it is a Registered Training Organization (RTO) of BTEB.
14. Concise information about syllabus & credit hours. 
All our curriculum and syllabi are designed in a fashion that matches all over the world for continuing higher studies in the same field. Our hybrid syllabi are mapped with the syllabi of various courses of City & Guilds, UK based and all private universities of Bangladesh that offer Honors on Tourism & Hospitality Management. 
13. Is this institute has the approval of International Awarding Body?
Yes, it is an approved center of City & Guilds which is located at London, UK.
14. Career prospects in global hotel & tourism industry 
The flow of tourism around the world is assuming striking dimension. Growth of tourism industry will be unstoppable in the 21st century. Globally the tourism industry will continue strong growth of about 4% a year through the first two decades of the current century. 
The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has also predicted that the 21st century will see a higher percentage of total population traveling, specially in developing countries, and people will be going on holidays more often  – sometime two, three or four times a year. The forecast predicts that by 2020 one out of every three trips will be a long-haul journey to another region of the world. Long-haul travel is expected to increase from 24% of 1995 to 35% in 2020 in all international destinations. 
Today the tourism and travel account for the largest portion of money spent in international commerce. The never-ending process of tourism, presently acclaimed to be the largest service industry in many countries, is very much on the rise globally. Billions of dollars are being transacted through tourism. International tourism receipts are projected to increase more than fivefold between 1990 and 2010 to reach US$ 1350 billion. This correspondence to an average annual increase of 8.6%. If we look into some of the statistics, it will be rather astonishing:
1. The number of international tourist arrival has risen from 25 million in 1950 to 842 million in 2006. International tourism receipts reached US$ 680 billion in 2005 (Euro 547 billion), making it one of the largest categories of international trade. This trade volume equals or exceeds that of oil exports, food products or even of cars and transport equipment. 
2. The number of foreign tourists in India is 400 million (approx. January 2007) with an increase of 13% from previous year, and domestic tourists are 300 million with a growth rate of 15-20%. Foreign exchange earning from tourism in 2005 was 230 billion rupees (5.7 billion US$), clocking an increase of 20.2% from 2004. 
3. In India, about 42 million people (8.78% of total employment) are engaged directly or indirectly in the tourism business which is definitely a lesson to learn. 
From the statistics above shows again why tourism is the largest service industry globally; new scope and opportunities are flourishing everyday. If we do not start now, we will be left far behind by all around us. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) measures that by 2011, the travel and tourism economy will constitute: 11% of global GDP; support 260.5 million jobs worldwide, which is 9% of total employment or 1 in every 11.2 jobs.
15. Attachment facilities
Attachment is made based on the result, performance in practical and the requirement from the respective hotels/motels/restaurant/travel agency/tour operator/resort, etc. After successful completion of the Attachment, trainees can get the final course ending certificate from the Institute. Students MUST need to pay all their dues before asking for the Certificate. 
16. Local Job placement
Employment opportunity in tourism and hospitality sector is increasing every day here in Bangladesh. Our students who like to stay in the country and serve and build up their career, we always help them with the best job opportunities locally. 

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